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Fanslab : to cross the borders of the digital universe

At Fanslab, we combine technology and diversity of knowledge to create collaborative digital worlds. That's why we love yellow here! It's bright, stimulating and evokes social interaction. It is also said that yellow represents knowledge, learning and science... And that's just like us!

The Fanslab crew brings together...

Human technology specialists... that's us! And it could be you too...

Explorers of digital worlds...

Gatherers of knowledge and communities...

Defenders of new frontiers...

Disrupters of established orders...

Passionate about the world...

Activator of lasting change...

Why join the Fanslab crew?

To collaborate with a community that is on the lookout, lit, bright, on fire...
To work in hybrid mode
To explore a dynamic universe at the cutting edge of digital technology
To share your knowledge and learn from your colleagues
But mostly, because... it's just cool to work at Fanslab! Just the name ?!
And then, you like yellow too... ☺
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How do I reach the crew?

You fill out a form and send your resume or LinkedIn link (up to date, of course!)
If your profile impresses us, a member of the Fanslab crew will call you to schedule an interview
Here comes the interview... the time of the great discovery of our respective worlds!
If the synapses touch and the atoms hook, we'll call you to get on board!
See our available positions

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